Nile Cruise Entertainment

Entertainment Includes:

 Most Nile Cruises have a Discotheque, Belly Dance Show, fancy Galabia Party and Nubian Folkloric Show Every day there is a full entertainment program, which differs from one boat to the other.

 In Some Cruises (Depend on The Cruise Class) the first day is usually a cocktail party, run by the boat, where they offer free drinks and introduce the staff on board. This party is also called the managers party, where the manager introduces his crew to the guests on board; don’t forget to wear formal clothes during this party!

 Another night there is a Galabia party or long dress party, where you will be encouraged to get Egyptian outfits and wear the local Galabia. During such parties, some games are conducted; the tour guides on board run the party, which offers much fun!! To buy a Galabia will cost you around 10 or 15 US$, but if you do not wish to buy one, you can hire one from the bazaar shop located on board.

 Another night will have a Nubian show, where you will see Nubian dancers and singers in their local outfit. The last evening entertainment is usually has: a belly dancing show, a juggler’s show, and local singers and bands. There are many bazaars outside the Temples that you will be visit during your cruise.

Please Note:

Entertainment can vary from Nile Cruise to Another. DO NOT EXPECT to have the same Entertainment in a Cheap Nile Cruise such as the Entertainment of an Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise. The Golden Rule is NOTHING FOR FREE.