Nile Cruise Gratuities and Tipping

How much is the average Tipping in Nile Cruises and when to give it?

For The Nile Cruise Crew:

On Average there are about 50 to 70 people working in a Nile Cruise. The Guest sees only 5 or 7 persons of the crew. So it is unfair to give tips to people that you see and forget other people. That’s why there is a rule in all Nile Cruises that Guest should not pay any tips for anyone during the Trip. All Tips must be given at the end of your trip. You put your tips in an envelope and write the amount on the back then leave it at the Reception of your Nile Cruise. All Tips will be collected from clients and divided to the whole Cruise Staff. This is a Fair solution for everyone.

The Tips is about 3 to 5 US$ Per Person per Night. For Example, if you are 2 Person and having a 4 Nights Nile Cruise your Tip Amount will be:

4 US$ x 4 Nights x 2 Person = 32 US$.

So you Leave 32 US$ in an Envelope at the Reception on the End of your Nile Cruise Trip.

For The Drivers, Representatives and Guides:

 The following amounts are Recommended and on a Per Person Basis (in American Dollars USD).

  • Luxor Representative 3 to 5 US$
  • Aswan Representative 3 to 5 US$
  • Guides 5 to 7 US$ (Per Day)
  • Drivers 3 US$ (Per Day)
  • Felucca Captain 2 – 3 US$
  • Horse Carriage in Edfu 2 US$

Please Note:

 Tips are not an obligation on you. It is redemption for a good service. However wages in Egypt are very low. So most people depend on tips to survive, but this is not an excuse to give a bad service. If you feel that the person is not offering you a good service or stressing you to give him tips, DO NOT GIVE TIPS or REDUCDE THE AMOUNT. But please tell him why you did that. In most cases if you don’t give tips, people such as Driver, Cruise Staff, Felucca Captain or Carriage Car Driver will think that you gave the tips to your guide to give it to them and will start a Hard Talking with him about that and waste your time.