Nile Cruise prices and Costs

Why there is a Difference in Price between Nile Cruises in the Same Category?

You can Notice that there is a Difference in Price between Nile Cruises in the Same Category. For Example you can find a Deluxe Nile Cruise with the Rate of 75 US$ per Person per Night and another Deluxe one with the Rate of 90 US$ Per Person per Night in the Same Period of the Year.

The price that you pay is the result of Different Factors such as:

Cruise Brand Name:

If the Nile Cruise is managed by an International Hotels Chain, you have to know that you pay extra money for the Brand Name. For Example Cruises Managed by Sonesta, Abercrombie, Oberoi or TUI are more expensive than other similar Nile Cruises managed by local operators.

Cruise Shape and Decoration:

Normally if the Nile Cruise is well decorated and maintained in a good shape make people always want it as a first choice. This makes a large demand on the Cruise which result to raise its price. Also Newly Built Nile Cruises are more expensive than Old Nile Cruises.

Cabins Size:

In Egypt there are restrictions on the maximum size of a Nile Cruise. This is due because the Nile Cruise must fit to Esna Lock on the Nile and if it is larger than the Lock Gate it will never pass the Lock. So as the Size of the Cruise has a limit, the space is divided on the number of cabins. For Example if the space is 300 Square Meters per Deck and the Deck has 20 Cabins so the Cabin size will be 15 Square Meter. If the Cruise decide to make only 10 Cabins per Deck, the Cabin Size will be 30 Square Meter. As the Golden Rule Says “NOTHING IS FREE”, Clients will pay the price of the two cabins not only one. They have to pay for the extra space.

Chartered Cruises:

Some of Nile Cruises are fully or partially chartered to Tour Operators. However if the Tour Operator didn’t fill all the cabins at a certain Period, the Cruise Management sell the Empty Cabins to Individuals but with a relatively high prices in order not to compete with their Tour Operator.

Meals Included:

Most of Nile Cruises are on Full Board Basis. A very Few ones are on All Inclusive Basis. The Difference between Full Board and All Inclusive is that in All Inclusive Basis all Beverages and Local Alcoholics are included in the price but in Full Board you pay for Beverages as an Extra.

Tours Included:

We have the Option to sell Some Nile Cruises without Sightseeing in order to give the clients the choice if they want to do the Tours with our company, do it by themselves or not to do it at all. If this is the Case it will be clearly mentioned that the Cruise Price does not include Tours. If you would like to get Your Cruise without Tours please let us know in order to deduct the Tours cost from the Cruise Price. However there are some Nile Cruises such as Abercrombie, Sonesta, Movenpick & Presidential where Sightseeing’s are Compulsory at the Price even if you don’t want to do it.

So when you choose a Nile Cruise don’t look only for Price but also you have to see all other Factors that affect this price.

What are the other costs related to My Nile Cruise Trip?

Please Note that the Price of the Nile Cruise Shown on our Website is Per Person per Night for only the Accommodation on Full Board or All Inclusive Basis. However there are other costs that is not included in the Nile Cruise Price such as:

The Cost of Transportation to Aswan or Luxor from Other Cities

All Nile Cruises Start either from Aswan or Luxor, So if you come from Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh or any other city in Egypt, You will have to take a transportation to go to Aswan or Luxor. This can be done by Domestic Flights, Seating Train, Sleeping Train, Bus or Private Car.

You cannot start a Nile Cruise from Cairo. It is forbidden right Now. All Cruises starts from Either Aswan or Luxor.

The Cost of Transportation from Aswan or Luxor Airport / Train Station / Bus Station to Your Nile Cruise

There are more than 300 Nile Cruise in Egypt. So if you try to find your Nile Cruise by yourself at the Marina in Luxor or Aswan it will be as finding a Specific Monkey in a Huge Jungle. So we highly recommend that you arrange the pickup from Airport / Train Station / Bus Station to your Nile Cruise before your Arrival.

We Offer this service with a very competitive price. Also it is a good thing to have a representative from our company to be with you upon your arrival in case you have any question in your mind.

The Cost of Beverage on board your Nile Cruise

The Majority of the Nile Cruises are on Full Board Basis. Full Board means Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. However Beverage is NOT INCLUDED in the Full Board Basis except Coffee, Tea & Juice during Breakfast. All other beverage is extra. So you have to pay for it.

Very few Nile Cruises offer an All Inclusive Basis. So Beverage is included in the Price. We mention on the Cruise Page if the Nile Cruise is on Full Board Basis or All Inclusive Basis.

The Cost of Personal Nature

Any Personal expenses are not included in the cruise price. Personal Expenses such as travel insurance, laundry, room service, gratuities to Cruises Crew or Egyptologist-escort, communication charges and any other items of a personal nature.

The Cost of Tours, Visits and Optional Tours

Although we offer to Make the Tours for the client such as 3 Nights, 4 Nights & 7 Nights Nile Cruise Program, The Client has the Right to take it or Not. We do not oblige our clients to take the tours. Some of the clients already visited Egypt and it will be useless for them to do the Tours Again.

That is the reason that we didn’t include the visits in the Nile Cruise Price. You can check the Tours Details and Prices in the Nile Cruise Programs and Optional Tours Sections on our website.